Friday, April 3, 2009

How I Feel About You...

I've been thinking a lot lately about some of the things you told me last year and I've written my thoughts for you to read. Oh if while you're reading you take offense to anything, just know that I swear on my mother's grave that it's all true. Also if you choose to reply to me think about what I've written first and then reply.
First of all you're a racist (hatred or intolerance for another race of people). Last year in Art class you told me, "I just hate those stupid Indians! They're so rude and so stupid." I found this ironic considering the fact that you watch Indian movies, shop at Indian stores, listen to Indian music, subscribe to an Indian cable channel-even your cellphone's ringtone is an Indian song. For a people you find stupid, you sure rely on them a lot. Not to mention, if you hate Indians so much why don't you watch Afghan films, listen to Afghan music and shop at Afghan stores? You also said, "Face it Yashwanth your country sucks." Ironic again considering the fact that you're from Afghanistan, which just happens to be one of the poorest, most rural and least developed countries in the world. Afghanistan is so poor that it can't run without foreign aid from organizations such as the U.N. Even though India itself is a poor and rural country, it's still expected to become a global superpower by the first half of this century; it's economy is also expected to surpass that of Japan's and the United States (if you don't believe me, type in economies of 2050 into any online search engine and tell me what you get). While India's being hailed as a future global power, Afghanistan is being hailed as nothing more than a global dud.
Second of all you're a hypocrite (a person who preaches morals and values which they themselves do not possess). Last year in Art class you kept telling me to think before I talked, which I found ironic considering that you yourself never did it in the first place. Think about it Ghazia, go through your mind and think about all the times that I actually didn't think before I talked; I'm more than certain that your list will come up short. The most obvious time when you didn't think before you talked, would be when you told me how much you hated Indians. What idiot tells an Indian that they hate Indians? It's freaking common sense. You could have told Sean, you could have told Patrick-you could even told Bryant. Learn not to put so much emphasis on a person's race, especially when yours isn't much to be proud of.
You also said, "Homosexuals should be ashamed of themselves." Ironic again, considering the fact that homosexuality is kind of a biological thing ( if you're in denial about this, why don't you go have a chat with your precious Mrs. Neidhart-just in case you don't talk to her, she too believes gay people are born gay). If I were you I wouldn't go around saying things like that anymore, mainly due to the fact you really don't know who's gay and who's straight anymore. Scientists also say that somewhere between 1 in 6 people are gay. Do the math that makes roughly 1 billion gay people on Earth. Due to this high number someone in your family could very well be gay. Hey isn't your aunt still unmarried to a guy? Hmmm...I wonder why? Gay people don't turn gay they're gay-do straight people turn straight?
Last year you were incredibly mean to me for absolutely no reason besides the fact that you're an ignorant racist and you were also angry that we fought over your brother Sohaib (whom we both know didn't do his fair share of the work for the Spirit of Christmas project). If you want an example of this here it is: last year you told me how your aunt was working in an Indian shop and that her employer used to mistreat her. At the end of your rant, you told me that you laughingly said, "Goodbye you stupid Indian" to your aunt's employer when her back was turned. No offense Ghazia...actually I could care less but you have the stupidest reasons for hating Indians. You need to seriously stop thinking that your family members are all Gods and that they're all that. You brought race into that pointless issue by calling your aunt's employer a "stupid Indian". Hey no offense to your aunt, but maybe she didn't do her job that well in the first place? Not to mention if you didn't like your aunt working for a quote "stupid Indian", why didn't you go tell her to find work in an Afghan shop?
Lastly you also told me that you didn't like me and that we weren't friends. Although I respect your opinion-you're a piece of shit. God, how messed up can you get? I didn't like you either but I never went overboard with the amount of cruelty I showed you. Grow a heart Ghazia and fill that black hole in your chest...

P.S. Instead of wishing for new clothes or new handbags on your next birthday, maybe you should wish for a new mother because yours really sucks. In fact go tell her I said that. I don't if it's because she's always working or if she's as messed up as you, but she really needs to start raising you better.